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Why Cotton Eyewear?: Plastic Waste Facts

When we set about creating our line of stylish men’s eyewear, we knew we wanted to use a material that was as environmentally friendly as the wood we use in our watches, instead of the plastic fibers that most eyewear lines use. We started looking around at safe, biodegradable, and sustainable materials—and we knew we had what we needed when we discovered natural cotton fiber. Why was it so important to us to not use plastic? Sadly, the facts on plastic waste speak for themselves. According to a recent article in Science magazine:

  • It is estimated that between 15-40 percent of littered or dumped plastic ends up in the ocean each year.
  • Researchers report that about 4 million to 12 million metric tons of plastic washed offshore in 2010 alone or about 1.5 to 4.5 percent of the world’s total plastic production—enough to cover every foot of coastline on the planet.
  • Even worse, 99 percent of ocean plastic debris is actually unaccounted for—thus, the impact it is having on marine life and human health is unknown.
  • It is predicted that the annual amount of plastic waste tumbling out to sea will more than double in the next 10 years.

With all that in mind, we are proud to be making our products from almost all natural and sustainable plant-based materials—and doing our part to keep our plant green.

Source: http://news.sciencemag.org/earth/2015/02/here-s-how8/26/15-much-plastic-enters-ocean-each-year

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