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We Haven’t Outsmarted Watches Yet: Reasons to Wear a Watch in an Age of Smart Technology

You may think that in an age of smart technology, wristwatches would become outmoded. However, a recent survey revealed that wristwatches are still popular. In fact, over 86% of the population still owns and wears one.

But when smartphones and other technologies make so many things in life, like the time of day, easily accessible, why bother? What’s so special about watches? If this is a question that’s been on your mind for a while, here are a few good reasons to keep wearing that watch.

Stop Staring at Your Phone
Smartphones are an important part of society today, but everyone needs a break now and then. Even if you just think you’re checking the time by pulling out your smartphone, there’s a good chance you’ll get sidetracked by checking your email or social media, or responding to a text. Instead of succumbing to the black hole of the Internet, you can simply buy wooden watches on sale, check the time discreetly, and then get back to whatever you were doing before.

They’re Stylish
You can buy all the smartphone cases you want, but not a single one of them is going to coordinate with your ensemble every day. However, if you invest in timepieces like WeWOOD wood watches you’ll definitely be making a personal statement. A watch is a piece of jewelry that is uniquely you.

Watches Span Generations
Handing family heirlooms down to new generations is a tradition honored by many. From wedding rings to natural wood watches, there’s a lot to be said about the importance of family keepsakes. In fact, watchmaking company Patek Philippe’s motto is, “you never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely take care of it for the next generation.”

They’re Timeless
An iPhone model can come and go in a matter of years, but watches, though they keep the time, really are timeless. A good wristwatch is a personal statement of style and a handy accessory that doesn’t rely on Internet connection or a dwindling battery life.

While it might seem like wristwatches are dying out, the truth is they’re merely evolving. People are starting to go for wooden wrist watches and other reclaimed wood watches over their sometimes gaudy metal relatives. It’s a shift in style, but really, watches will never go out of style.

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