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How to Make Sure a Retailer is Really Sustainable

Approximately 33% of people who don’t regularly consider sustainability when purchasing their clothing purchases say it’s because these options just aren’t available where they shop. About 28% of those same people say they are unsure of even where to look for sustainable clothing and accessories.

Whether you’re in the first group or the second, it takes a little bit of practice to understand just how to spot an ethical, sustainable retailer. Fortunately, we’re here to help you. Here are three essential things to look for when you want to know whether a company is really selling sustainable goods or not.

Fairtrade Certification
If you’re looking at wooden watches on sale at a sustainable company’s website and they don’t have a Fair-trade certification, they may not be working ethically to produce their goods. Fair-trade certified companies must comply with several requirements: fair trade premiums, worker voice, and women’s rights. If a company doesn’t meet all three of these standard requirements, fair-trade certification is denied.

Specific, Concrete Claims
When an all wood watch or a piece of clothing simply says “all-natural,” that’s not a guarantee that ethical, sustainable methods were used to create the product. But if a company takes the time to create a label along the lines of “made with 100% natural, organic and fair-trade ingredients,” that’s a more concrete piece of evidence.

One of the most important and easiest ways to tell if a company is sustainable and ethical is to study their transparency. Are they open about where their materials come from? Can you see how much they pay their workers? What are they doing to ensure their company stays ethical? These are questions that need to be answered, whether you’re buying wooden wrist watches or linen sheets. Natural wood watches could be ethically made, but you should be able to trust your retailer before you buy.

The WeWood Way
At WeWood, we want to make sure customers know exactly where their wooden watches on sale are coming from and what we plan to do with the money earned. Our goal is to plant 1 million trees by 2020, and we come closer to that goal with every watch we sell.
So whether you’re looking at wooden watches for men or just trying to make a difference with your purchases, know that the above list of characteristics can help you determine whether a company is sustainable or not.

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