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5 Fun Facts About Watches That You Probably Didn’t Know

It is safe to say that watches have an important place in everyday life not just as timekeeping devices but also as fashion statements. Now a days, watch makers have begun experimenting with different technology, different movements, and even different materials like WeWOOD’s wood watches. Due to all of this innovation, there have been quite a few fascinating events in the history of the world of watches. Here are a few fun facts about wrist watches and other timekeeping pieces that you might not have thought about before.

Alarm Watches
The first wristwatch with an alarm function included wasn’t actually developed until the 1900s. A Swiss company called Eterna was the very first watch making business in the world to produce this technology. Eterna began full-scale production of these watches in 1914 and the wrist watch market has not been the same since.

Intended for Women
While men were using the pocket watch, wrist watches were actually originally developed for women of nobility. Queen Elizabeth I and many other royal women were known to have “arm watches.” It wasn’t until about the 1930’s until wristwatches became a standard accessory for men.

World War II
While people started to leave their pocket watches behind around the time of WWI, it was WWII that effectively eliminated them as a fashion trend. During the second World War, soldiers were forbidden to wear any timekeeping piece that wasn’t a wristwatch. As a result, many watch makers began experimenting with a number of different wrist watch styles, materials, and inner workings that led to the growth of the watch industry today, and eventually paved the way for the creation of wood watches.

Stanley Kubrick
Rather than use fake props, Kubrick actually approached a watch making company, Hamilton, to make digital timepieces for his film “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Although an electric watch had already been introduced, this paved the way for the first LED displays on watch faces.

Watch Materials & Technology
With advances in manufacturing capabilities, and manufacturing technology, the world of watch making was opened up to all sorts of new possibilities. For example, WeWOOD watches was the first company to conceptualize a watch made entirely of reclaimed wood. There are also watches made of various reclaimed materials, precious metals, and even including modern technology like bluetooth and Wi-Fi features.

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