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A Guide To Buying Your First Wooden Watch

When it comes to wrist watches, a lot of younger people are starting to feel as though there is no longer a need to invest in the “traditional” watch to developments in technology like the smart phone. While wrist watches may no longer be a necessity, they remain one of the more popular accessories — 86% of people still own a watch of some sort. While it’s common to opt for a time piece made of metal, there is a level of unique craftsmanship that can be found in all wood watches. If you’re considering investing in a wooden watch, here are some tips to help you find the right one.

Where To Buy
First, be cautious of where you shop for your natural wood watch. First, never purchase one from a mall kiosk or other temporary retailer. These wooden watches are likely to be cheaply made and overpriced. These watches, while similar in look to a higher quality wooden watch, tend to be bulky and contain low quality wood. There is no standard for quality and the kiosk could disappear overnight. Buying online directly from a reputable brand is always your best option. You should always research the company carefully, look for customer reviews and ratings, and don’t be afraid to call the customer service line if you have questions about pricing or quality.

Wooden Watch Varieties
There are a huge variety of wooden watches in the market today, and the number is only growing. Wooden Watches are now made from just about any wood imaginable, and in most cases the wood is sustainably sourced. For example, WeWOOD Watches are all sourced from reclaimed or recycled woods, sourced from different regions around the world. In addition, wood watches aren’t always gender specific, but it’s good to be aware that styles may differ in design between mens and womens wood watches.

Warranty & Repairs
You should also know that it’s important to make sure your wooden watch has a warranty. If your watch needs servicing, the company you bought it from should be able to provide repairs without the hassle. If somebody tries to sell you a watch without a warranty, it’s a huge red flag and you should walk away immediately. Finally, make sure your watch is adjustable. If a company claims that their mens or womens wood watches are meant to be worn loosely and not adjust to your wrist size, it’s another indication that the company is not reputable and has low quality watches. Any good quality wooden watch should be able to adjust to any wrist size with ease.

Overall, buying your first wooden watch should be an exciting occasion. Whether you’re in the market for mens or womens wood watches, understand your options and don’t settle for subpar quality. If you’re looking for the best quality wooden watches, consider trying out WeWood Watches. Not only do they have countless styles of watches available for sale, but they actually plant a tree for every watch sold. Happy shopping!

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