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A Short Guide to Some of the Most Iconic Accessories of All Time

Accessories like all wood watches and gold necklaces are used to enhance an outfit and pull it all together, but some accessories really can stand on their own. Then there are the accessories that can stand the test of time, like Michael Jackson’s famous diamond glove. Accessories like this have been ingrained into pop culture as a result of the celebrities who wore them. Do you know who inspired the public to start wearing pearls or fur shawls?

If you’re curious as to how some of these iconic accessories made their way into your wardrobe, here are a few of the most iconic fashion accessories of all time.

Marilyn Monroe’s Fur Shawl
Marilyn Monroe was the face of glamour and beauty for an entire generation of American men and women. Known for several starring roles, that mole, and her iconic white dress, one accessory made popular by this starlet was the fur shawl. While there are large movements against the use of fur in clothing, faux fur and genuine fur shawls remain popular today, especially during the winter months.

Coco Chanel and Pearls
Coco Chanel is a household name for many reasons, namely her fashion designs, but Chanel was a woman who created an image for herself that many other women aspired to. Part of that image was her staple of multiple strands of pearls around her neck. Pearl necklaces and bracelets are still wildly popular, but Chanel certainly shed some light on the way they should be styled.

John Lennon’s Glasses
John Lennon’s glasses are one of the most iconic designs in modern history. Countless glasses-wearers have frames very similar to his even decades later, and so many artists have drawn on the design for inspiration. These simple, round frames have even given way to a popular design for sunglasses as well.

Jackie Kennedy’s Sunglasses
Over-sized sunglasses have made a major comeback in the last decade, but it was this famous First Lady who originally popularized these classic shades. Jackie Kennedy’s over-sized shades inspired many others to start wearing the bug-like eyewear, and now there are countless designers who focus specifically on making over-sized sunglasses.

These are just a handful of the iconic accessories made famous in the 20th century. Of course, we feel pretty confident that wood watches for women and wood watches for men, like those created by WeWOOD Watches, will soon have their moment in the spotlight, too. While there might not be a First Lady making wooden wrist watches iconic just yet, there are still plenty of gorgeous wood watches for women out there to choose from. After all, there are 1,200,000,000 watches sold every year, and all wood watches are more popular than ever.

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