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5 Fun Facts About Watches That You Probably Didn’t Know

It is safe to say that watches have an important place in everyday life not just as timekeeping devices but also as fashion statements. Now a days, watch makers have begun experimenting with different technology, different movements, and even different materials like WeWOOD’s wood watches. Due to all of this innovation, there have been quite a few fascinating events in the history of the world of watches. Here are a few fun facts about wrist watches and other timekeeping pieces that you might not have thought about before.

Alarm Watches
The first wristwatch with an alarm function included wasn’t actually developed until the 1900s. A Swiss company called Eterna was the very first watch making business in the world to produce this technology. Eterna began full-scale production of these watches in 1914 and the wrist watch market has not been the same since.

Intended for Women
While men were using the pocket watch, wrist watches were actually originally developed for women of nobility. Queen Elizabeth I and many other royal women were known to have “arm watches.” It wasn’t until about the 1930’s until wristwatches became a standard accessory for men.

World War II
While people started to leave their pocket watches behind around the time of WWI, it was WWII that effectively eliminated them as a fashion trend. During the second World War, soldiers were forbidden to wear any timekeeping piece that wasn’t a wristwatch. As a result, many watch makers began experimenting with a number of different wrist watch styles, materials, and inner workings that led to the growth of the watch industry today, and eventually paved the way for the creation of wood watches.

Stanley Kubrick
Rather than use fake props, Kubrick actually approached a watch making company, Hamilton, to make digital timepieces for his film “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Although an electric watch had already been introduced, this paved the way for the first LED displays on watch faces.

Watch Materials & Technology
With advances in manufacturing capabilities, and manufacturing technology, the world of watch making was opened up to all sorts of new possibilities. For example, WeWOOD watches was the first company to conceptualize a watch made entirely of reclaimed wood. There are also watches made of various reclaimed materials, precious metals, and even including modern technology like bluetooth and Wi-Fi features.

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Simple Things You Can do Every Day to Dress More Sustainably

When it comes to sustainability in fashion, it can be tough to know where to begin. In fact, approximately 28% of people reported not even knowing where to purchase sustainable clothing.
Fortunately, there are simple things you can do every day to make more sustainable clothing decisions. To help you get started on the path to more sustainable fashion, here are a few eco-friendly fashion tips.

Follow the Washing Instructions
It might seem like a tedious practice, but caring for your clothing is imperative when it comes to sustainability. The more you care for your clothing, the longer it’s going to last you. Washing instructions are there for a reason. They’re meant to be followed!

Buy Higher Quality Items
Instead of spending $10 on a watch from the dollar store, search for an all wood watch instead. Natural wood watches, like the ones manufactured by WeWOOD, are not only more sustainable in creation, they’re high-quality pieces that can last a lifetime. When you invest in high-quality pieces for your wardrobe, they’ll last longer and prove less wasteful. Wooden wrist watches are simply one of many high-quality, sustainable items you should invest in.

Recycle Your Clothing
When you’ve used your clothing to the point where it’s falling apart, you should recycle it. Unfortunately, most people don’t even realize you can recycle clothing, which is why so many millions of tons of fabric and textiles are piled up in landfills right now. Countless pounds of clothing are wasted every year because people don’t have the mind to take them to recycling centers, when the reality is that clothing can be recycled for a variety of different purposes.

Choose Smarter Materials
If you can, you should look for natural and plant-based materials when shopping for clothing. It might not seem like a huge step, but seeking out mens wooden watches instead of metal watches is actually going to help you become more sustainable. In addition, companies like WeWOOD that carry both mens wooden watches and women’s wooden watches are probably going to be more sustainable than those who produce watches made from synthetic materials.

Above all else, make sure you’re paying attention when purchasing clothes, shoes, and accessories. It’s easy to shop on autopilot, but the more you pay attention, the more sustainable you can become in your fashion choices.

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Need a Watch? 5 Reasons Your Next Watch Should be a Wooden One

There are over 1,200,000,000 watches sold annually around the world, and they come in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes. However, one type of watch is sweeping the world in a natural and minimalist trend: all wood watches.

While most people traditionally associate watches with big metal timepieces, wooden watches, like WeWOOD Watches, have been around for a while, and are increasing in popularity. If you’ve never considered wearing one, here are a few good reasons to do so.

No Two Natural Wood Watches Look Alike
While most metal watches look the same, no two wooden wrist watches do. Every piece of wood used to make a watch is unique, which means that no matter the watch, you’ll be getting a completely unique piece of fashion wear. For example, WeWOOD Watches are made from recycled and reclaimed woods, so all of our watches are unique to the buyer.

Wooden Watches Age With Grace
Good news for mens and womens wooden watches: they age with you. Just as every wooden watch is unique, so are the oils on your skin. As you continue to wear your watch, it will change in texture and color, making it even more unique you over time.

Lightweight and Durable
One of the biggest complaints about watches is their weight. Metal watches are often extremely heavy and uncomfortable on the wrist. However, wooden watches for men and women are lightweight and just as durable as any metal watch.

Eco-Friendly and Economical
Believe it or not, wooden watches are much more eco-friendly than other types of watches. Wood, as a renewable resource, provides beautiful material for your timepieces and grows right back over time.

Goes With Anything
If you’re a coordination queen or king, you know the struggle of matching accessories to your daily clothing. If you own a metal watch, you might not be able to wear it every day because it doesn’t coordinate. Either that, or you are forced to spend money on several watches just to have one for every occasion. However, wooden watches match nearly everything. Deep-colored womens wooden watches can easily accent an earth-toned outfit or a sleek, modern ensemble with no issue.

No matter your style or budget, there’s a natural wooden watch out there that’s perfect for you. To get started, visit our Wooden Watch Collection and go out and reclaim your personal style!

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3 Essential Reasons You Should Consider Gifting Wood Watches to Your Loved Ones

A recent survey revealed that 27% of respondents wore watches as a fashion statement rather than a timekeeping necessity, but that doesn’t mean that watches are any less popular. That’s why watches can be a wonderful present for any of the important people in your life. In fact, watches have traditionally been given as gifts at important rites of passage, like a Bar Mitzvah, a graduation ceremony, or just because.

And if you are going to be getting someone a watch as a present to mark this special event, why not get them one that will be certain to stand out in a crowd, a WeWOOD Watch. If you’re not sure what an all wood watch can do as a gift for your loved one, here are three great reasons that watches make great presents.

Watches are practical
You can say whatever you want about living in the age of smartphones, but watches are still a reliable, stylish way to keep track of the time. If your phone battery dies in the middle of the workday, you’ll still have that trusty tool on your wrist to help you plan your day and keep track of where the time has gone. Plus, some watches have even been designed with other issues in mind. For example, watches come with features such as chronographs, built in lights, water proof or water resistant materials, and much more.

Watches are always in style
Whether you’re looking at wooden watches for men or women, there’s no doubt that a good watch is always a great fashion statement. A watch might only be a small accessory, but it can say a lot about an individuals personal style. For example, natural wood watches, like WeWOOD watches, might hint that the person wearing them care about sustainability, while those wearing larger, more colorful watches might be more adventurous in their style choices. No matter the watch, it can be uniquely tailored to a person’s fashion sense and personal values.

It’s a personal gift
Gifting a watch is not only a great way to add to a person’s style, it’s a wonderful personal touch that can show just how much you care about someone. Every time the recipient glances at their watch or puts it on in the morning, they’ll be reminded of your relationship. Trust us, taking the extra time to look at wooden watches for men really can make the difference between a good gift and a great one.

Whether you’re in the market for wooden wrist watches or something a bit more technological, there’s no doubt that these simple accessories make for wonderful gifts.

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A Short Guide to Some of the Most Iconic Accessories of All Time

Accessories like all wood watches and gold necklaces are used to enhance an outfit and pull it all together, but some accessories really can stand on their own. Then there are the accessories that can stand the test of time, like Michael Jackson’s famous diamond glove. Accessories like this have been ingrained into pop culture as a result of the celebrities who wore them. Do you know who inspired the public to start wearing pearls or fur shawls?

If you’re curious as to how some of these iconic accessories made their way into your wardrobe, here are a few of the most iconic fashion accessories of all time.

Marilyn Monroe’s Fur Shawl
Marilyn Monroe was the face of glamour and beauty for an entire generation of American men and women. Known for several starring roles, that mole, and her iconic white dress, one accessory made popular by this starlet was the fur shawl. While there are large movements against the use of fur in clothing, faux fur and genuine fur shawls remain popular today, especially during the winter months.

Coco Chanel and Pearls
Coco Chanel is a household name for many reasons, namely her fashion designs, but Chanel was a woman who created an image for herself that many other women aspired to. Part of that image was her staple of multiple strands of pearls around her neck. Pearl necklaces and bracelets are still wildly popular, but Chanel certainly shed some light on the way they should be styled.

John Lennon’s Glasses
John Lennon’s glasses are one of the most iconic designs in modern history. Countless glasses-wearers have frames very similar to his even decades later, and so many artists have drawn on the design for inspiration. These simple, round frames have even given way to a popular design for sunglasses as well.

Jackie Kennedy’s Sunglasses
Over-sized sunglasses have made a major comeback in the last decade, but it was this famous First Lady who originally popularized these classic shades. Jackie Kennedy’s over-sized shades inspired many others to start wearing the bug-like eyewear, and now there are countless designers who focus specifically on making over-sized sunglasses.

These are just a handful of the iconic accessories made famous in the 20th century. Of course, we feel pretty confident that wood watches for women and wood watches for men, like those created by WeWOOD Watches, will soon have their moment in the spotlight, too. While there might not be a First Lady making wooden wrist watches iconic just yet, there are still plenty of gorgeous wood watches for women out there to choose from. After all, there are 1,200,000,000 watches sold every year, and all wood watches are more popular than ever.

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Year in Review: The Biggest Jewelry Trends of 2016

Now that 2016 has come to a close, there are so many “best of” and worst of” 2016 lists that it’s hard to know where to begin. But for you jewelry lovers out there, this list is for you.

We may not know what 2017 has in store for fashion and sustainable accessories, but we can certainly take a look at some of the most popular trends from 2016. Here’s a short look at some of the defining jewelry trends from this past year.

This is a trend that came back really hard in 2016, after a smaller resurgence in 2015. Modern choker styles range from plastic to thick, lacy ribbons, but the statement remains the same. These are often worn alone or with other statement necklaces and will likely continue to be a popular item in 2017.

Stacking Rings
If you’re not into statement rings, stacking rings are a great alternative. Not only are they smaller, but when put together, they can form a fantastic and totally unique statement piece. If that’s still not your style, then simply split them up to cover more fingers. These rings are a great gift and a simple way to accentuate your outfits.

Sustainable Jewelry
Pieces of jewelry like all wood watches for men and women have become staple pieces in 2016. Not only are these pieces complementary to all kinds of wardrobes, they’re often made by startups, like WeWOOD Watches, that use ethically sourced materials. Approximately 86% of people still own a watch, so hopefully we’ll see more of a shift toward sustainable materials next year, too.

In addition to all wood watches for women and men, companies are beginning to use more recycled materials, as well as ethically obtained gems and other stones. Independent jewelry makers like those on Etsy have also experienced a big jump in sales this past year, thanks to their local-first ethos.

Arm Cuffs
Already own a wooden watch and in search of another eco-accessory to adorn your arm? Arm cuffs are definitely a great trend that isn’t as heavy as a watch. Not only that, but they can be worn higher up on your arm, which makes sleeveless tops way more fun. Don’t expect these to go anywhere soon either!

Whether you’re into arm cuffs or natural wood watches, these were some of the biggest jewelry trends in 2016.


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We Haven’t Outsmarted Watches Yet: Reasons to Wear a Watch in an Age of Smart Technology

You may think that in an age of smart technology, wristwatches would become outmoded. However, a recent survey revealed that wristwatches are still popular. In fact, over 86% of the population still owns and wears one.

But when smartphones and other technologies make so many things in life, like the time of day, easily accessible, why bother? What’s so special about watches? If this is a question that’s been on your mind for a while, here are a few good reasons to keep wearing that watch.

Stop Staring at Your Phone
Smartphones are an important part of society today, but everyone needs a break now and then. Even if you just think you’re checking the time by pulling out your smartphone, there’s a good chance you’ll get sidetracked by checking your email or social media, or responding to a text. Instead of succumbing to the black hole of the Internet, you can simply buy wooden watches on sale, check the time discreetly, and then get back to whatever you were doing before.

They’re Stylish
You can buy all the smartphone cases you want, but not a single one of them is going to coordinate with your ensemble every day. However, if you invest in timepieces like WeWOOD wood watches you’ll definitely be making a personal statement. A watch is a piece of jewelry that is uniquely you.

Watches Span Generations
Handing family heirlooms down to new generations is a tradition honored by many. From wedding rings to natural wood watches, there’s a lot to be said about the importance of family keepsakes. In fact, watchmaking company Patek Philippe’s motto is, “you never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely take care of it for the next generation.”

They’re Timeless
An iPhone model can come and go in a matter of years, but watches, though they keep the time, really are timeless. A good wristwatch is a personal statement of style and a handy accessory that doesn’t rely on Internet connection or a dwindling battery life.

While it might seem like wristwatches are dying out, the truth is they’re merely evolving. People are starting to go for wooden wrist watches and other reclaimed wood watches over their sometimes gaudy metal relatives. It’s a shift in style, but really, watches will never go out of style.

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From Sundials to Smartwatches: A Brief History of Timekeeping and the Wristwatch

Of all the different species of animals on Earth, humans are the only ones to keep track of time. But it wasn’t always as easy as pulling your phone out or adding wooden wrist watches to your online shopping cart. Here’s a short guide to some of the history behind modern timekeeping devices.

In the Beginning: BC
The first timekeeping devices were as simple as a pillar on the ground. The sundial was remarkably simple, yet served an important purpose. Egyptians began using these devices around 1500 BC, but later developed water clocks, which were similar to hourglasses, with the exception that they used an outflow of water instead of sand to measure time.

Time Goes By: 1200 AD – 1600 AD
Mechanical clocks were invented in the late 1200s; they used various mechanisms to sound a bell at scheduled intervals. Around 1300 AD, clocks received an hour hand, but no minute hand. It wasn’t until 1577 that the minute hand appeared in the picture. Jost Burgi is to thank for this invention, but it wasn’t actually used in a clock until 1650, when the first weight-driven pendulum clocks were invented.

The Age of Electricity: 1800 AD – 1900 AD
The first electrical clock was invented in 1840, and used electrical impulses to operate the dials of a master clock. While timekeeping was a standard by this point, it wasn’t until 1870 that time zones were proposed by Charles Dowd. Even after his time zones had been established, it took until 1918 for the Standard Time Act to occur, in which the Interstate Commerce Commission established U.S. time zones. This act also established the use of Daylight Saving Time.

From Then to Now: 1900 AD – Present Day
Clocks have gone through many evolutions since the sundial, but the very first wristwatch is credited to Abraham-Louis Breguet, who created one in 1920. Since then, we’ve even ventured into smart watches like the ones featured in Star Trek. Now, however, people are starting to move back to their roots with natural wood watches. Wooden watches for men and women have become extremely popular today, and for good reason. Ever since WeWOOD conceptualized the first wooden watch, they have been economical, stylish, and most importantly, excellent keepers of time.
Whether you’re into pocket watches or wooden watches for men, the history of timekeeping is certain to help you pass some of your own.

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Watch Etiquette: How to Wear a Watch for Any Occasion

The first wristwatch ever invented is credited to a man named Patek Phillipe, back in 1868. More recently, one of his watch models sold for just over $3.1 million. Above all else, this speaks to the fact that watches, although they might seem superfluous now that so many of us have smartphones, are still important to those who choose to wear them.

However, picking a different watch for every occasion can be a difficult task. Despite that, it’s always a nice touch to any ensemble. Here are a few tips to help you know which watch to wear for any occasion.

Make Sure it Fits
No matter what style of watch you prefer, be it natural wood watches or a more metallic-looking watch, it should fit properly. A watch should feel present on your wrist, but not like it’s squeezing your wrist or about to fall off. If your watch constantly rotates around your wrist, you might want to tighten it up a bit. Watches aren’t much use if they’re cutting off your circulation or falling off!

Which Hand?
Ultimately, which hand you wear a watch on is up to you. Many people find that wearing a watch on their dominant hand becomes cumbersome, so they choose to wear it on their non-dominant hand.

How Formal?
The great thing about most watches is that you can dress them up or dress them down. One of the great things about all wood watches is that they can range in color from very light to very dark. If you’re attending a black-tie event, you might want to go with wooden wrist watches that have a deep hue to them. More casual events usually call for lighter wooden watches for men and women.

Watches as Jewelry
A watch, like any other accessory, is meant to enhance an ensemble. Natural wood watches have the unique ability to match a variety of other accessories, eliminating the gold and silver clash that often occurs. Wooden watches for women who wear a lot of metal jewelry are truly a versatile accessory.

Regardless of the occasion, hopefully these tips will help you select which luxurious WeWOOD wooden watch to wear!

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Tips to Help You Buy a Watch as a Gift for Someone

A watch can be a beautiful and timeless piece for anyone to receive, but sometimes choosing the right watch can be difficult, especially if the person you’re buying for needs a timepiece for every occasion!

If you need help picking the right watch for your loved one, here are a few tips to help you out.

Consider Who You’re Gifting it to
Before you even begin looking for a watch, you need to consider who you’re giving it to. What kind of person are they? Do they need a watch that’s adventure-proof? Maybe an all wood watch would suit them for a more casual lifestyle. The important thing is to know who you’re buying for.

What’s Your Budget?
Beautiful watches can come at any price, but you should set a budget. If this is a gift you want to span generations, you may want to consider a more durable brand like WeWOOD. Wooden wrist watches are great if you’re buying for someone who wants the beauty of their timepiece to be showcased, as they deepen and become even more unique with age and consistent use.

Check Wrist Size
If the person you’re gifting to has a watch or a bracelet that they like to wear, take a note of the band’s length with a measuring tape. This way, you’ll be able to take a rough measurement to the retailer and avoid a watch that is either too large or too small. In addition, wrist size is also important for the face size of the watch. Wooden watches for men often have larger, chunkier faces and bands, while wooden watches for women have faces that are sometimes smaller. A huge watch face on a small wrist can be cumbersome.

Shop at a Trusted Retailer
The most important thing to keep in mind is the overall quality of the watch.If you’re looking at natural wood watches, make sure the dealer is reputable and takes pride in the overall quality of their work. The best way to assess a watch’s quality is to be able to hold it in your hands and inspect it.

If you’re considering an all wood watch or any type of timepiece for a gift this holiday season, make sure you keep WeWOOD in mind as a top choice for selecting an endearing gift!